[MinnowBoard] Distro version vs peripherals support.

Hawley, John john.hawley at intel.com
Wed Sep 3 01:24:08 UTC 2014

Short version: if your kernel is 3.14 or greater, everything is supported.

Long version: if your kernel is 3.14 everything is supported, but I can’t speak to what every distro has compiled into it, or has modules for, generally speaking I know I tend to run Fedora on my MAXes, and I know one of the interns has a tendency to run Mint, and neither of us has had any issues with any of the drivers (outside of needing board files to make specific SPI or I2C devices work).

-          John

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I just received a couple of MinnowMax that I have ordered on July. Now I have to decide on what distro I will put my time on. My main consideration is the support of peripherals (GPIO, Serial ports, SPI, etc). I know the eLinux page "Minnowboard:MinnowMaxDistros", but there is not much information on what distros should ease the work with these peripherals. I remember have read something about the support of the Atom processor could be better on newer kernel version. Should I worry about the Kernel Version more than the distro?.

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