[MinnowBoard] Laptop Projekt with MinnowBoard MAX

Christopher Price cprice at mmv.mobi
Mon Sep 1 12:45:58 UTC 2014

You would have to de-solder or take the blueprints into production yourself.

Right now you’d have to go with a micro-HDMI 10-inch display, there aren’t very embeddable ones so you’d have to go with a Raspberry Pi display.

Really Minnowboard MAX is mostly meant for sparking innovations that can later be mass-produced - you can do what you’re trying to achieve, but it’s not really the intent of Minnowboard so the result won’t be as elegant as possible with, say LVDS and leads that you could adapt into your own port configurations.

Christopher Price
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On Aug 31, 2014, at 6:06 PM, Make Ma <TeacherMA at gmx.com> wrote:

> Hi friends,
> I like to produce (handicraft) my own Laptop/Tablet with a miniPC like MinnowBoard MAX.
> But I need a board WHITHOUT all conectors, because I want do handicraft an own 10" (wooden) case with touchscreen and the connectors on the sides of the case . Or have I to do my own desoldering? Any recommendation for a good 10" touchscreen for MinnowBoard?
> BpR Mach
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