[MinnowBoard] mSATA Lure (aka Flotsam Lure)

Lasse Kaila lasse.kaila at eniram.fi
Mon Sep 1 08:14:54 UTC 2014

David Anders <danders at ...> writes:

> Lasse,
> i have to admit i have no clue what the use case would be for having 3 
> NICs on the MinnowMax. Can you give me some details on what you would 
> want to use it for? this will help me make better design decisions for 
> the lure.....
> Dave

Hi Dave,

As others have already mentioned, there are often cases (e.g. in automation)
where there are several integration points, and where separate physical
ethernet interfaces are needed. For example, one for integration to an
automation system, one for an external network and one for service access.

Two NICs on a lure board should not bee too large, at least if all other
stuff (mSata, WLAN) is left out.

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