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David Anders danders at circuitco.com
Mon Aug 11 22:51:34 UTC 2014


On 08/11/2014 05:47 PM, Chris Benson wrote:
> Dave,
> Does the NIC Lure only come with a single PCIe-based gigabit Realtek 
> ethernet port, or will there be more than one?

currently the plan is to provide only one nic.

> How many Lures can be used simultaneously on a MAX?
that is entirely dependent on what interfaces are used and how they are 

> Is the USB Hub Lure switched or unswitched?

i am sorry i do not understand your question...

> Has CircuitCo considered creating a 'prototyping partner program' for 
> early adopters of specific Lures (like for people on this mailing list)?

there are no plans to separate out the lures discussions from the main 
mailing list.

> Will it be possible to secure volume discounts on the MAX and its 
> Lures once production ramps up sufficiently?

because of the way minnowmax pricing is structured, there are no plans 
to provide volume discounts. this is the same with other open hardware 
platforms such as the beaglebone black...

> Recognizing that Lures are still in prototyping right now, could you 
> please announce target availability dates for these Lures?  For those 
> of us with significant dependencies on the proposed Lures, even an 
> extremely tentative 'no-promises' date would be better than none at all.

i can't share any dates with you currently, but i will be in a better 
position to do so in about two weeks.


> Thanks,
> Chris
> On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 6:09 PM, David Anders <danders at circuitco.com 
> <mailto:danders at circuitco.com>> wrote:
>     Greetings All,
>     i'd like to share with everyone the proposed list of lures that
>     will initially be available for the MinnowBoard Max. this list is
>     currently just a proposed list and some of the names/features may
>     change:
>     *Cape Name* 	*Description*
>     Calamari Lure 	Educational
>     Moto Lure 	Dual motor support
>     MiniDisplay Lure 	SPI based LCD with Touch
>     RS-232 Lure 	rs-232 with db-9 connector
>     Generic Proto Lure 	standard prototype cap
>     Power Supply Lure 	wide voltage range support
>     Audio Lure 	new audio cape based on cirrus logic
>     PWM Lure 	32 PWM interfaces for LED/Servo
>     Relay Lure 	4 generic gpio controlled relays
>     CAN Bus Lure 	CAN Bus support
>     RS-485 Lure 	RS-485 interface support
>     ADC Lure 	multiple ADC inputs
>     SeaCat Lure 	mPCIE+mSATA
>     Nic Lure 	Gigabit ethernet lure
>     USB Hub Lure 	4 port USB Hub
>     Ika Lure 	Arduino Style Headers
>     Jetsam 	single mPCIE
>     Flotsam 	single mSATA
>     feedback and/or suggestions are welcome!
>     Dave
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