[MinnowBoard] Lure Plans

David Anders danders at circuitco.com
Mon Aug 11 22:09:29 UTC 2014

Greetings All,

i'd like to share with everyone the proposed list of lures that will 
initially be available for the MinnowBoard Max. this list is currently 
just a proposed list and some of the names/features may change:

*Cape Name* 	*Description*
Calamari Lure 	Educational
Moto Lure 	Dual motor support
MiniDisplay Lure 	SPI based LCD with Touch
RS-232 Lure 	rs-232 with db-9 connector
Generic Proto Lure 	standard prototype cap
Power Supply Lure 	wide voltage range support
Audio Lure 	new audio cape based on cirrus logic
PWM Lure 	32 PWM interfaces for LED/Servo
Relay Lure 	4 generic gpio controlled relays
CAN Bus Lure 	CAN Bus support
RS-485 Lure 	RS-485 interface support
ADC Lure 	multiple ADC inputs
SeaCat Lure 	mPCIE+mSATA
Nic Lure 	Gigabit ethernet lure
USB Hub Lure 	4 port USB Hub
Ika Lure 	Arduino Style Headers
Jetsam 	single mPCIE
Flotsam 	single mSATA

feedback and/or suggestions are welcome!


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