[MinnowBoard] Contents of MinnowBoard Max 'box'?

David Anders danders at circuitco.com
Mon Aug 11 20:38:22 UTC 2014


On 08/11/2014 03:33 PM, David Rolfe wrote:
> Hi,
> I assume this information has been published already somewhere, but if 
> so I have yet to find it and would appreciate a link to the relevant 
> pages.

we'll add this to the wiki pages...

> What I would like to know is what is actually included with the 
> MinnowBoard Max in the way of leads etc?

minnowmax is not shipped with a power supply or any cables. this is done 
to reduce costs due to the fact that many people already have the cables 
necessary and do not want to pay for them again. for those that want all 
of the accessories, distributors will be provide "kits" available. these 
kits will be created independently from minnowboard.org

> Is there any form of instruction manual or user guide, possibly a 
> micro SD card (with or without an operating system, and some form of 
> 'legs' or support for the board would also be good?

all documentation is collected on the wiki pages:


again the goal is to keep the overall cost of the board as low as 
possible. individuals who purchase the board can add their own 
requirements to the board.

> I am sure that this sort of information would be of interest to other 
> prospective purchasers also!
we'll certainly get this info posted...

> Many Thanks,
> David
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