[MinnowBoard] Announcing Minnowboard MAX Support for Console OS

Christopher Price cprice at mmv.mobi
Mon Aug 11 02:46:38 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

Early this morning we announced that Console OS Pro with Android™ Inside will support Minnowboard MAX. For the first time, Minnowboard users will have a drop-in, fully-supported Android solution with all the drivers and system enablers that handle every functionality of the device, from optional multi-touch displays, to hardware-accelerated video playback, even HDCP and OpenGL ES 3.


Soon you’ll be able to make the Android device of your dreams, and take it completely to market on your own. You can even send it to Google for Google Play™ certification.

Only nine hours left on the Kickstarter - enjoy!

Christopher Price
ConsoleOS.com - iConsole.tv

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