[Elinux-discuss] R-Car H3SK - Yocto - upgrade GStreamer

Bogdan Pavkovic bogprs at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 08:16:24 UTC 2017

Hello everybody,

We've been able to bitbake a Yocto Linux image for RENESAS R-Car H3SK
and to succesfully run a Surround View demo.

Now we want to go further and write our own demo
but we are unable to update properly GStreamer recipes:
our first take was to simply rename the .bb files from
and to download the latest version (1.12) from git

SRC_URI = " \
plugins-base-${PV}.tar.xz \

we did it for the gstreamer, and all plugins (base, good, ugly, bad, etc.)

Nevertheless since previous setup also had patches that we removed things
did not work out.

Find attached the error logs that might help you figure what went wrong.

Many thanks in advance.


Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION        = "1.28.0"
BUILD_SYS         = "x86_64-linux"
NATIVELSBSTRING   = "Ubuntu-16.04"
TARGET_SYS        = "aarch64-poky-linux"
MACHINE           = "h3ulcb"
DISTRO            = "poky"
DISTRO_VERSION    = "2.0.2"
TUNE_FEATURES     = "aarch64 cortexa57-cortexa53"
TARGET_FPU        = ""
SOC_FAMILY        = "rcar-gen3:r8a7795"
meta-yocto-bsp    = "tmp:40376446904ae3529be41737fed9a0b650ed167d"
meta-rcar-gen3    = "v2.12.0:03244eb4df9440aacb2f9c4dc312c28cc6247eaa"
meta-linaro-toolchain = "tmp:9b1fd178309544dff1f7453e796a9437125bc0d9"
meta-multimedia   = "tmp:8ab04afbffb4bc5184cfe0655049de6f44269990"
meta-renesas-quick-start = "bsp_v212_wheat:3dd0efa10a7fd27c838d77fd76e202
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