[Elinux-discuss] help (newbie): how to code for Android on Zedboard?

Rodrigo Orrego digao.megamaniacs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 17:58:09 UTC 2016

Hello people from this list,

I was able to install and configure an Android, running on a Zedboard (FPGA
from Xilinx), following some guides from the web, including one from
e-linux (http://elinux.org/Zedboard_Android) and two other very useful (
http://wpage.unina.it/mario.barbareschi/zedroid/ and

And I was also able to make a "Hello World" app with Android Studio and
make it run on the Android on Zedboard and to run this example I've found
in the internet (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cY7YZ8RjpU)

But now I need some guidance on how to make an app for this Android on
Zedboard that would be able to access the FPGA components? I don't know how
this is done.. is there an library I have to include on the code to use
with Android Studio or any other tools or IDEs?

I was tasked on my University laboratory to research on these subjects and
figure this out.. but I'm new on these subjects of "coding partial
reconfiguration" and "accessing FPGA components through code"..

So, if someone can help me:
with some examples of source code..
or tutorial links..
or tips of books or study materials to read or check..
or any contact with someone..
or maybe someone that is also studying the same or similar things..
I'm begginer on all these subjects but I'm also a very fast learner, so
anything can help!

thanks a lot, in advance, for your attention :)

sorry if I'm saying any wrong stuff because I'm still a newbie :(

sorry again if my english is not perfect :(

and I hope to be able to help people here in the future, when I get more
experienced :)

My brief situation: I'm a just graduated Computer Engineer and Msc. student
(from UNISINOS, São Leopldo, Brasil), new here at this forum, working on a
project of Partial Reconfiguration on Android on a Zedboard, and I'm
researcing on that subject.. and actually I'm new in the world of FPGAs,
etc.. This is an idea from my boss (my teacher advisor from the MSc. program
), but I'm trying to learn all I can from this project..

Rodrigo Orrego
Pelotas, RS - Brasil
msn -> digao at mmaniacs.zzn.com
skype -> tails_himura

Engenheiro de Computação - FURG
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