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Rodrigo Orrego digao.megamaniacs at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 22:04:20 UTC 2015

Hello people from this list! I'm a just graduated Computer Engineer and
Msc. student, new here at this forum and actually I'm new in the world of
FPGAs, etc.

but I was tasked in my laboratory to get an android running on a Zedboard -
because I'm an android developer and my boss wants to develop projects with
android on a FPGA - and I've been following 3 guides with were aimed to
this (run Android on a Zedboard).. but I'm having no success on getting
Android running yet :(

one of the guides i'm following is from the e-linux wiki:

so my question is, someone succeded on following this guide? or maybe,
someone more experienced on this field, can help me where I'm doing wrong?

the problem I've found, following this guide, is that: when I try to
download the android source code from the git source of this guide (git://
git.iveia.com/scm/xilinx/android/platform/manifest.git) seems to be offline?

if is that the case, is there a new - but not yet updated on the wiki - or
different source I could use?

or any other suggestions of what I could do?

give me a few minutes and I can send in the next e-mail the error message
I'm getting when I try to download the source from git...

thanks a lot, in advance, for your attention :)

sorry if I'm saying wrong stuff because I'm still a noob :(

sorry again if my english is not perfect :(

and I hope to be able to help people here in the future, when I get more
experienced :)

Rodrigo Orrego
Pelotas, RS - Brasil
msn -> digao at mmaniacs.zzn.com
skype -> tails_himura

Engenheiro de Computação - FURG
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