[Elinux-discuss] Announcement - Programmer's Hardware Database

Tim Bird tim.bird at am.sony.com
Mon Feb 13 23:27:13 UTC 2012

On 2/12/2012 3:39 AM, Manuel Hohmann wrote:
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> Dear members of the Embedded Linux community,
> since thorough hardware knowledge is an important ingredient especially
> to embedded software development, I would like to announce the
> Programmer's Hardware Database (PHD):
> http://hardware.wikinet.org/wiki/Main_Page
> The primary goal of the PHD is to centrally collect collect various
> kinds of hardware information which is relevant to software developers,
> including, but not limited to:
> - - links to datasheets / user's manuals / technical reference manuals
> - - memory maps / register layouts (when datasheets are not available)
> - - sample code
> - - links to software projects
> - - ...
> This information is collected for various devices, such as:
> - - ICs (CPUs, SoC, application processors...)
> - - consumer electronics
> - - PC hardware
> - - peripheral hardware
> - - embedded development systems
> - - ...
> Currently the most active category of topics is embedded hardware, most
> notably consumer electronics, embedded development systems and the SoCs
> used in these devices. Please have a look at the recent changes for an
> up to date view of new wiki pages:
> http://hardware.wikinet.org/wiki/Special:RecentChanges
> There is probably some overlap between the topics covered by the PHD and
> the eLinux wiki. However, the purpose of the PHD is not to drain any
> information from the eLinux wiki, which is definitely the right place to
> go for anything related to Linux on embedded systems. The PHD focuses on
> more general hardware information which is not specific to Linux
> development, but also relevant for developers of other (primarily free
> and open source) software, and its scope extends beyond embedded systems.
> Please feel free to make use of and link to the wiki pages of the PHD at
> your desire. Also, feel free to contribute any kind of hardware
> information to the PHD. Any suggestions and input from the Embedded
> Linux community, and an exchange of knowledge and expertise, are highly
> appreciated.
This sounds like a valuable information.  Please feel free to post
this information (along with the links) on the elinux wiki somewhere
appropriate. Maybe on http://elinux.org/Hardware_Hacking
would be good.
  -- Tim

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